About Us

The Mission


To provide a better product through intelligent design. Every detail meticulously considered, a unique idea, or unpredictable twist, a rich tactile experience. This is our passion.

The Brand


Projekt™. A fresh and progressive line of lifestyle travel gear and accessories. Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Projekt™ is tailored to meet the demands of today's active consumer by blending style, performance and innovative design with a playful edge. The result is much more than a bag. It is a convergence of fashion and function. It is where art, music, sports, travel, leisure and business meet for drinks. Life is a Projekt™. Where will yours take you?

The Company


Introduced in 2013, the Company launched the first luggage series dubbed 'The MileHigh Collection'. Reflecting the brand's vision, Projekt™ creatively merged clean lines with innovative features providing diversity within a category that had previously been lacking inspiration and individuality. The Company's ability to seamlessly incorporate style, function and versatility into the collection attracted immediate attention, and proved the significant market demand.